ZZ Plant Large – Zamioculcas zamiifolia


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia ;
Worldwide favourite indoor plant with small glossy leaves.
Air purifying.
Almost immortal.


Plant Height      – 15-20 inches
Pot Size               – 9 inches diameter, 8 inches height
Potting Mix        -Red soil, cocopeat and vermicompost.



Fibre Pot Yellow
Fibre Pot Green
Without Stand
With Stand
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"Keep Zee Zee looking her shiny best by giving her leaves a gentle wipe with a soft cloth every now and again. Not often; just when looking dusty."

Care Instructions


ZZ is an ideal option if you don’t have bright rooms. She’ll cope with very little light, though not total darkness.


ZZ doesn’t need a lot of water, particularly in winter. Water her only when the top two inches of soil are dry.


ZZ love feeding with a liquid fertilizer about once a month (no more than that) in spring and summer