Peperomia Variegated


Also known as Radiator plant
Wonderful table plant having fleshy pale green leaves with yellowish patches.


Plant Height    – 3-4 inches
Pot size              – 4 inches diameter, 3.5 inches height
Potting Mix     – Red Soil + Cocopeat + vermicompost


Ceramic Pot1
Ceramic Pot2
Ceramic Pot3
Fibre Pot1
Fibre Pot2

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"Snake plant is a superb plant for the bedroom because she stores oxygen during the day, then releases it all at night."

Care Instructions


Cop up with direct sun light and low light conditions. Even though peperomia are light lovers, reduce the exposure to intense sunlight.


Water only top soil is completely dry. Ideal to water once in 5 days. Don’t let plant to leave in water for a long time.


Don’t over fertilize the soil for peperomia. They are light feeder. During summer lightly fertilize them with basic fertilizers for house plants