Chinese Fan Palm


Easy growable indoor plant/balcony plant with green large circular leaves with foldings which absorbs CO2 in the night.


Plant Height     –2 – 3 Feet
Pot size              – 8″ diameter, 7″ height
Potting Mix     – Red Soil + Cocopeat + vermicompost


Fibre Pot Yellow
Fibre Pot Green
Fibre Pot Gray
Fibre Pot White
Without Stand
With Stand
Planter Box

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Care Instructions


This palm will be happiest in any room that gets a lot of light. Harsh sun is a bit much for him, so ideally not right next to a window.


Light watering. Check him about once a week and water him if the top two inches of soil feel dry.


Once in a month with common house plant fertilizers. Better to fertilize during spring and summer will encourage new growth.


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